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Bring "Work" To Your Classroom

The world of work can be both exciting and overwhelming for students. From choosing a career path to starting a first job, students have questions and expectations that can be addressed in your classroom. The Alliance for Education offers resources and opportunities through its many partners and organizations, including the student Apprenticeship Forum and development of work-based learning activities in classrooms across the county in partnership with local businesses.

Please check out the resources provided to see how you can bring "work" to your classroom:

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The Workforce Access Matrix is currently under construction.  Please check back soon.

The Workforce Access Matrix (WAM) is a workforce-tracking tool that identifies in-demand jobs and training providers who provide training in a specific occupation within an industry sector. The Matrix is being used by site selectors looking to locate to our area, by business owners looking to expand their workforce, and by students and community members looking for training in a demand occupation.

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The Partnership Connection is currently under construction.  Please check back soon.

The Alliance for Education's Partnership Connection allows businesses and educators to connect and establish partnerships that provide school and work-based learning opportunities like classroom presentations, field trips, mentoring, job-shadowing, industry related projects, and/or internships or work experience.

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Whether you are still in school or are currently working but interested in a new career path, is a great place to start your search. Find out about occupations that are in high demand, hear from professionals who are working for companies and organizations in the Inland Empire, and learn about job requirements, salary information, and opportunities for growth.

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 Get your career on the fast track with SoftSkills training and certification videos.


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Employers seek employees who clearly exhibit soft skills - a positive attitude, strong work ethic, excellent communication skills. It's often said that hard skills will get you an interview but soft skills will enable you to get (and keep) the job. Give your students an edge over the competition by helping them define and develop their soft skills. CaCareerBriefs can help!