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Looking at the evidence. High School students learn how to apply their trigonometry and calculus skills to solve crime scenes.

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San Bernardino County faces a challenge caused by increasing demands for an educated and qualified workforce and the need to bring additional qualified workers to the developing technology and manufacturing industries in the Inland Empire. As experienced workers move toward retirement, and the county is revitalized through increasing employment in health care, aviation, transportation and logistics and advanced manufacturing, it is imperative that a local workforce is educated, trained and ready to be hired by local employers.

Research shows real advantages to training and retaining local students for local communities, including a higher retention rate that allows for lower training costs in the workplace. The Alliance for Education partners with local workforce agencies, government, business and labor organizations to support development of a qualified and educated workforce to achieve a vibrant economy and sustainable communities.
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The Workforce Access Matrix is Currently Under Construction. Please Check Back Soon.

The Workforce Access Matrix (WAM) is a workforce-tracking tool that identifies in-demand jobs and training providers who provide training in a specific occupation within an industry sector. The Matrix is being used by site selectors looking to locate to our area, by business owners looking to expand their workforce, and by students and community members looking for training in a demand occupation.

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The Partnership Connection is Currently Under Construction. Please Check Back Soon.

The Alliance for Education's Partnership Connection allows businesses and educators to connect and establish partnerships that provide school and work-based learning opportunities like classroom presentations, field trips, mentoring, job-shadowing, industry related projects, and/or internships or work experience.