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A group of middle school students get to hear a presentation on water pressure and how it relates to mathematics.

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Make a new buddy, be a role model for high literacy and achievement

Dr. Gary Thomas, San Bernardino County Superintendent of Schools, and his staff are sincere and passionate about their commitment to involve parents, community members, along with business and civic leaders in efforts to address the achievement gaps and needs for a better prepared & educated work force.

There are a number of approaches and practices in place to address and/or minimize certain barriers via classroom contacts, but one element clearly stands out. Children will often respond to and bond with people outside their daily structure—when a significant role model or important person shares a message, they will often relate to and adopt that as important. Role models encourage a child's curiosity and allow them to think about what can become a reality for them in the future and inquire of these role models: "How did you become a doctor, police chief or businessman? Did you have to read and study?, etc."

Currently in its 9th year, the Reading Buddies Volunteer Program, is implemented to foster a relevant relationship between the role model and the student to encourage the importance of attaining high literacy and academic achievement. The program affords the role model an opportunity to stress that reading and learning is important now and that if they can read now, they will be successful and can master anything in the future.

Make It Happen

If you are interested in joining the Reading Buddies Volunteer Program, contact us here and we'll get you started. Just a few hours of your time can inspire students for years to come.