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How does the mass of the car affect the speed and force of the car? Middle School students discover the relevance for math to race car driving

Teaching Your Children

"When am I EVER going to use this?"

We've heard that question from our children and asked it ourselves as many of us moved through classrooms filled with books and overhead projectors and film reels full of facts. Today's students face multiple challenges and opportunities to compete and excel in a 21st century world economy. Helping students to learn in a hands-on, relevant and interesting context is key to their engagement in school. The Alliance for Education and key partners offers a variety of events, programs, forums and demonstrations for students and their families at schools across San Bernardino County. Most events are offered at no-charge and many are available both in and after school. Opportunities for learning in school include:

  • Reading Buddies
  • Applications by Business and Labor for Educators demonstrations and videos
  • Guest speakers
  • Field trip assistance
  • Support in developing STEM focused courses, events and programs
  • Robotics competitions

Students and parents who would like to learn more about how to bring the Alliance for Education and our partners to their school are invited to contact us.